Monday, March 30, 2009


• 1c. (2 sticks) Butter
• 1 can Sweetened, condensed milk (8oz.)
• 1c. Light brown sugar, packed
• 1c. Light corn syrup
• Cooking spray
You will need the following:
• A good, heavy pan- preferably not a Teflon coated pan. It needs to be at least a 2 quart pan, preferably a little bigger.
• Either a wooden spoon or a metal spoon with a wooden handle (heat will travel through a metal spoon). Do not use any type of plastic spoon as it will most likely melt.
• A cake pan or cookie sheet. For thicker caramels, use a cake pan, for thinner caramels, use a cookie sheet.
• A candy thermometer.
• Wax paper for wrapping the finished caramels.
Follow these steps in order to ensure success.
1. Coat your cookie sheet or cake pan with a light coating of cooking spray. Try not to apply it too thick or the bottoms of your caramels will be greasy.
2. Combine all of the ingredients in your pan and heat over medium heat. Be sure to put the thermometer in before the mixture gets hot so the thermometer does not break.
3. Continually stir the mixture; make sure to scrape the bottom of the pan so it does not stick or burn.
4. Once the mixture begins to boil, you may need to adjust the temperature of your stove a little so as not to scorch it.
5. Boil until you reach 248 degrees which is “soft ball” on the thermometer. The caramels will be a medium amber color.
6. Immediately pour the caramels into your pre-greased cookie sheet or cake pan.
7. Allow to cool completely before cutting. If it is cold outside, I usually set them out on the porch for a half hour or so.
8. While the caramels are cooling, get your wax paper ready. I usually tear it in 6 inch pieces and then cut those in halves or thirds depending on how big you want your individual caramels to be.
9. Cut the caramels into individual sizes. When cutting, a good tip is to grease the knife you are going to use with cooking spray so it does not stick. It is also easier to use a pizza cutter; just use a knife to finish the cuts near the edges of the pan.
10. Wrap the caramels in wax paper to keep them fresh.
11. Store in an air tight container and enjoy!

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